Continental ExpressDry Gear Dryers and ExpressDry Special Ops Gear Dryers are engineered to safely and quickly dry personal protective equipment, including turnout gear, helmets, gloves, boots, face masks, and self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA). The dryer works by blowing a large volume of air, at high pressure, safely through the garment — drying even hard-to-reach areas. NFPA compliant, the Continental ExpressDry Gear Dryer accommodates up to six turnout suits simultaneously — ensuring firefighter gear is safely dried and returned to service in hours, not days.


ExpressDry Gear Dryers

The ExpressDry Gear Dryer is engineered to safely and quickly dry personal protective equipment and firefighter turnout suits. Quick and easy to use, the ExpressDry Gear Dryer adapts to specific types and sizes of gear without turning them inside out. The dryer can simultaneously accommodate up to six suits, along with helmets, gloves, boots, face masks and SCBAs.

ExpressDry Special Ops Gear Dryer

The ExpressDry Special Ops Gear Dryer offers additional features needed to dry special operations equipment and gear. It is equipped with 12 utility drying ports and four invertible stickmen drying stations to quickly and safely dry protective gear and apparatuses used for fire, swift water, ice and dive rescues. Constructed for ease of assembly and mobility, the ExpressDry Special Ops Gear Dryer offers an optional boot tree capable of drying up to four pairs of soaked boots per "tree station" in just 60 minutes.

Drying Technology

Both ExpressDry Gear Dryer models utilize a powerful and highly efficient 110-volt fan to push a large air volume through the garment from the inside out. This high-pressure flow ensures air effectively dries areas that are hard to reach without air loss — significantly decreasing dry time. Because the fan operates using ambient air, the dryer is more energy-efficient than cabinet style dryers, which require heated air. ExpressDry Gear Dryers are NFPA compliant and align with gear manufacturer drying guidelines.

Removable Blower for Drying Pumper Plumbing

Not only can ExpressDry Gear Dryers be used to dry gear, as an added option, the dryers can be removed and attached to your pump's water ports for quick winter drying — preventing damage from winter freeze ups (utility hose not included).

Complete Laundering Solutions

When ExpressDry Gear Dryers are used as a team with Continental ExpressWash Gear Washers, firefighters can feel secure knowing gear is properly cleaned and dried for complete firefighter protection.

Standard Inclusions

ExpressDry Gear Dryer models come standard with an LED timer with automatic shut off, steel construction, casters for ease of movement, 12 component drying ports, removable 800 cfm blower, and a noise reduction package. Boasting high-quality construction and an operational life span of 87,000 hours, they are backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.