Adaptable to any ironer on the market, the FL-LITE Flatwork Folder delivers precision folding at processing speeds of up to 164 feet per minute. The FL-LITE can significantly boost the productivity of any on-premise laundry—especially when paired with the AP-LITE Stacker.

Special Features

  • Configurations:
    • 1-lane
    • 1- and 2-lane
    • 1-, 2-, and 4-lane
  • Processing Rate: up to 164 feet per minute
  • Performs up to Two Primary Folds on One or Two Equal Lanes
  • Performs Cross Folds on One Middle Lane
  • Features an optional Third Primary Fold
  • Works with or without a stacker
  • Adaptable to all ironers
  • Adaptable to item thickness for folding thicker items

Available Model: FL-LITE

Product Brochure

Technical Specifications - Coming Soon!

Adaptable to All Ironers


Thanks to a multi-position laundry feeding belt, the FL-LITE is adaptable to any ironer on the market—no matter the manufacturer or roller diameter. The design of the primary folder and the adjustable speed control with inverter make the FL-LITE Folder capable of processing up to 164 feet per minute to match specific ironing speeds and production requirements.

First Cross-Fold—Adaptable to Item Thickness

The thickness of the article is automatically taken into account during the first cross-fold. A roller and spring system works in conjunction with a mechanical blade to automatically adjust the opening distance for the thickness of the item. This ensures thicker items including duvets and bedspreads are precisely folded.

Precision Folding

Support plates and a band circuit hold items flat and secure throughout the primary folding phase—ensuring unmatched folding precision. A support system further reduces item movement and improves folding quality.

Advanced Control


The advanced touch-screen control features a series of graphic menus to eliminate operator language barriers. The control enables 20 program options to fit specific folding requirements and utilizes network communication with feeders and ironers. To facilitate optimum productivity, the control features management capabilities including reporting on item/program counts and overall operating time.

Maintenance-Free Transmission & Self-Cleaning Reflectors

A toothed-belt transmission reduces noise levels and eliminates the need for lubrication that's required by chain-driven transmissions. To further simplify maintenance, the photocell reflectors are cleaned automatically as laundry passes through the folder.


Distributing Air Valves Built to Last

The distributing air valves that are responsible for creating the air blasts needed for folding, feature an estimated life 10 times greater than traditional distributing valves. The more reliable electromechanical distributors not only ensure uniformity and quality folds, they contribute to reduced air and electricity consumption.

Safe & Ergonomic

Designed for ease of use and safety, the FL-LITE features an emergency stop button and complies with all safety regulations and directives. The folder is backed by a limited two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Available Options to Suit Any Need

FL-LITE Folders have an array of options and accessories to match the individual needs and production requirements of any laundry.

Small Piece Accumulator

Incorporated into the rear of the folder, this accessory collects small items, such as napkins, pillowcases and tea towels. It allows insertion of items on four lanes. With this accessory, the FL-LITE will not perform a fold.

Program Selector From Feeder Area

This option allows selection of the program from the feeding area, without moving folder.

Dirty or Torn Linen Selector

This option activates a bell and warning light when torn or dirty items are detected. Items are rejected via the rear table. Activation requires the “program selector” option.

Double Antistatic Bar

This accessory ensures the folder operates properly during high static conditions. It is recommended when working with synthetic items with high fiber content or in very dry environments.

Service Walkway & Safety Handrail

Useful for carrying out maintenance or cleaning photocells, the service walkway and handrail provide added safety.