The PC-80 Flatwork Ironer boasts a highly flexible control, superior efficiency, high-speed ironing and unrivalled durability. Engineered to catapult productivity at mid- to high-volume laundries, the PC-80 delivers exclusive features, rigid-chest technology and remote diagnostics. Available in natural gas and steam heat sources, the PC-80 delivers superior results.

Special features:

  • Finishing Widths: 118-, 130-, or 138-inch
  • Heating Systems: 3 Options
    • Steam
    • Thermal Oil
    • Natural Gas
  • Efficiency: 93 % (gas model)
  • Ironing Speeds: Up to 147 ft./min
  • Programming Availability: 100 custom programs
  • GHelp remote diagnostics (option)
  • High-quality finishing straight from the washer
  • Rigid-chest design

Available Models:

pC-8030, pc-8033, pc-8035
Brochures & product specs coming soon!

Rigid Chest Technology System

The PC-80 features a rigid chest with a mirror-polished surface and large flow channels for consistent and even heat circulation – ensuring a flawless finish.


The PC-80 features an ironing bed with wide fluid channels and more capacity for transmitting heat to fabric. This ensures high ironing speeds and top quality results. Beds are machined after welding and undergo tests at 20 bars of pressure. A final mirror finish reduces friction and creates excellent ironing results.


The S-COIL design of the bed assures uniform heating of the entire ironing surface and eliminates cold areas.


A pressure gradient with maximum concentration of diametrical pressure delivers high-quality ironing. Lengthwise pressure along the roll is constant in order to keep ironing uniform.


A floating, self-aligning system allows the ironer to adjust to roll pad wear, thermal expansions and mechanical stresses, while maintaining constant pressure distribution over time.

Natural Gas or Steam for Maximum Efficiency

Natural Gas

By utilizing an integrated boiler, the PC-80 in natural gas can cut energy consumption by as much as 15 percent when compared to ironers reliant on external boiler systems. The gas boiler on the PC-80 is rear-mounted to accommodate a larger boiler and boiler flame without concern for the flame touching the coil. If the flame were to come in contact with the coil, thermal fluid cracking can occur, causing uneven heat distribution.

The natural gas model boasts an industry-leading 93 percent efficiency!

  • A spacious combustion chamber ensures the flame never touches coils, to avoid cracking.
  • A multi-piping system ensures thermal fluid circulates through four coil sets for a more expansive heating surface area and improved efficiency.
  • Gas fluid heat circulates in three ways (flame, between pipes, return). This takes advantage of the temperature of the steam, which, through exchange, gives better heating efficiency.

The PC-80 features the Weishaupt-Monarch modulating digital burner with low NOX emission and maximum performance through combustion digital management. Three exhaust ducts help maximize the flow of combustion gasses, increasing the performance of the boiler by 20 percent compared to boilers with only two ducts. Continental's multi-piping heating coil increases the exchange surface area by 66 percent without reducing the fluid-flow diameter. This feature allows use of a low-power fluid drive pump and boosts boiler performance by 15 percent.

Steam & Thermal Oil

PC-80 steam-heated ironers work just like the natural gas model, except they require an external heating system. All models deliver a consistent, high-quality finish and feature the same features and programmability. The steam version features an optional Temperature Control* so temperature can be adjusted to meet specific ironing requirements.

Inteli Control Flexibility

PC-80 Ironers feature a PLC touch-screen Inteli Control, which is simple to program and operate. It offers total control over every ironing parameter, including ironing speed, bed temperature, AutoSpeed® and pneumatic Pressure Control*. In gas models, it controls thermal fluid and boiler exhaust temperatures. Simple to use, the PC-80 touch-screen control offers up to 100 custom ironing programs to meet item-specific ironing requirements.

AutoSpeed® – A Superior Finish Straight from the Washer

The exclusive AutoSpeed® System offers one-pass finishing without dryer conditioning, which boosts productivity, extends linen life and reduces dryer and linen wear-and-tear. As linens pass through the ironer, AutoSpeed® adjusts ironing speed and temperature according to fabric type and moisture content. This feature eliminates temperature fluctuations, assuring consistent, quality finishing and even drying.

Pressure Impacts Ironing – Pressure Control*

Pressure is key to ensuring a consistent and quality finish. The Pressure Control can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of varying textile types. Simultaneously, the ironer's bed alignment system ensures uniform lengthwise pressure at a point of maximum pressure. This offers the best possible ironing results based on textile type.

Energy Efficiency

Delivering up to 93 percent efficiency, the PC-80 is smartly engineered to reduce utility costs. Separate motors for each roll, the bed's high-heat transfer, and controlled ironing pressure are key to maximum energy efficiency.

Superior Productivity

The maximum standard speed for the PC-80 is 114 ft./min. Ironing speed can be increased to 147 ft./min. with the Pressure Control* option. This option boosts productivity significantly.

Instantaneous Remote Diagnostics – GHelp*

PC-80 Ironers offer GHelp – a remote connection between the ironer and the manufacturer that instantaneously communicates the ironer's operational data, configuration parameters and diagnostics. Information can be captured to analyze productivity, incidents and hours of operation and more. GHelp allows remote software updates and diagnostics that save time and money.

Engineered for Longevity

Industrial construction makes the ironers resistant to mechanical stresses and thermal expansion. An impeccable finish, rigid chest and the latest advances in electronics lend to superior ironing quality and longevity. Engineered for years of constant and trouble-free use, PC-80 Ironers are backed by a 7/5/3-year ContinentalCare™ warranty.

Direct Transmission & Simplified Maintenance

Reduction motors transmit power to each roller independently for complete control over the ironing process. The motors are electronically controlled using highly advanced encoders and inverters to perform perfect mechanical transmission. The motors are synchronized with one another in a perfect transmission system that requires no mechanical components. They take up less space and are simpler to maintain. Belts, pulleys, chains and greasing are eliminated — reducing maintenance and associated breakdowns.

Accessible & Safe

PC-80 Ironers meet all safety standards and offer quick accessibility. Cleaning the filter is simple. The ironer's flat-top structure simplifies maintenance. The casing is ergonomic, accessible, light and simple to remove.

Heat Capture Technology – Keeps Heat Inside

Thermal Insulation* panels cover the ironer for significant gains in efficiency, productivity and a comfortable working environment. Heat stays inside the ironer where it belongs.

Committed to Quality & the Environment

Feel good knowing PC-80 Ironers are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner within a facility that is ISO19001 and ISO 14001-certified. Learn more about Continental's environmental commitment.

A Complete Ironing System

Continental PC-80 Ironers are perfectly paired with Continental's FL-LITE folder and AP-LITE Stacker to maximize quality, productivity and operation efficiency.