The Continental M-Series Washer-Extractor delivers a high-performance small-load solution for vended laundries looking to boost profits and customer turnover, while using less energy, water and natural gas.

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High-speed Extract Improves Customer Turnover

It generates extract speeds up to 108 G-force – higher than most similarly sized hard-mount washers, which only reach speeds of 75-90 G-force. Higher extract speeds remove more water from every load – reducing dry time and resulting natural gas consumption. In turn, customers spend less time doing laundry, which boosts customer turnover. Laundry is processed more quickly, using less energy!

Smaller Footprint Design

The M-Series occupies approximately 25 percent less space when compared most coin-operated washers with similar basket capacities. This results in more machines and productivity per square foot.

ProfitPlus Offers Customer-coveted ‘Extras'

The ProfitPlus™ Control – which works seamlessly with card technology or coins – brings more washing options and cycle features to the customer. It offers four primary cycle options: superwash, an extra-long cycle for heavy soil; hot, for whites; warm for colourfast and permanent press items; and cold for colours. It also allows the customer to add an extra wash, extra rinse, and/or delicate cycle. 

ProfitPlus Delivers Unsurpassed Owner Programmability

It also offers four individually modifiable programs that allow programmability of G-force extract, mechanical action, wash temperature (by degree), water levels and wash/rinse/extract time in each phase. The control's flexibility allows multi-level vend pricing on the same machine depending on the wash program selected, time of day, or day of the week. Additionally, owners can program variables within the extra wash, extra rinse, and delicate cycle options, including the extra wash or rinse time in minutes, the addition of another bath, vend price and G-force extract speed. Through proper programming, coin laundries curb gas and water usage and effectively shorten the time it takes customers to complete their laundry.

Single-Phase Power Equals Simple Installation

Operating on single-phase power with inverter technology, the M-Series Washer consumes less energy and is less costly to install than the industry-standard three-phase power units. It plugs into a standard electrical outlet for quick installation.

Water Conserving Features

The M-Series Washer features a sump-less design, which saves up to three gallons of water per fill, compared with washers equipped with an outer tub sump. Additionally, with AquaFall, water is released into the load through holes in the drum lifters for better saturation and cleaning. This makes rinsing possible using less water, which equates to considerable savings in water usage and water heating costs.

Optimum Dosing and Temperature Management

The Washer offers four dosing compartments (two for powder and two for liquid products). Cleaning products are always diluted in a collector before being introduced into the washer drum, avoiding direct contact with laundry. The AquaMixer system, a hot- and cold-water mixer, obtains very precise bath temperatures – providing optimum temperature management and minimizing hot water consumption.

Quality Construction and Durability

Offering ease of maintenance and superb durability, the M-Series Washer features inner and outer drums of durable AISI-304 stainless steel, oversized bearings and bearing housings and a quality sealing system. An oversized door allows for easy loading and unloading. The M-Series Washer is backed by a 3-year limited parts coverage, 10-year key component coverage and a 4-year bearing replacement labor coverage!